Hey Home and Professional Bakers! Join The Colorado Grain Chain for their third #GrainChain4Change Bake Sale on January 23rd & 25th - bake, make, or buy!
2. Grab your FREE FLOUR Jan 16 - 23 at the Boulder or Louisville Organic Sandwich Company https://www.organicsandwichco.com/ locations (16th & Pearl in Boulder or 459 McCaslin Blvd in Louisville). Or text Freshly Milled at 720-674-7121 for a pick up time in Erie, CO.
3. Bake and sell something.
4. Submit your donation to CGC via their website https://www.coloradograinchain.com/donate.
The CGC will gather and donate the amount to organizations working at the intersection of food and racial justice. Why? When we nourish organizations working for justice and our communities, we nourish a future that’s as diverse and equitable as possible.
Questions? Ask Freshly Milled (hello@freshlymilledflour.com or text 720-674-7172) or visit the CGC website for more information here: https://www.coloradograinchain.com/grainchain4change